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Triceps Isolation

Posted on 29 November 2017

                TGrip Flat Triceps Handle for Home gyms and all other gyms.

If you’re looking for some top of the line gym equipment to include in your workout program you must get your hands on the T Grip Flat Triceps Handle.

This handle is one of the most used in health clubs that have it right now and can be used at any home gym or any other gym.

Let’s go over some key reasons why the T-Grip flat triceps handle stands out above the others so that you can see why you should be considering it for your gym.

Unique Design

The very first reason to opt for this particular handle is because it has the unique design of being round. All other tricep bars are flat, and this new shape will allow the gymgoer to push using the palms and fully engage the triceps every step along the way.

The end result is faster muscle strength and development and a lower risk of injury as well.  This shape is also going to be better for improving your grip and forearm strength in addition to the stress is places on the tricep muscles. This will help you save time in the gym and also get a more complete workout.


Why this handle gets used so often is due to its high comfort factor. It has just the right angle so will work for just about everyone regardless of their hand size. It’s always important that you do take comfort into account during your workout because if you aren’t comfortable as you go about your exercises, the chances that you stick with the program are going to be that much lower.

Quality Build

The T-Grip Strength equipment is also one of the most high quality types of fitness equipment on the market and comes with a lifetime warranty. You often see vast improvements in fitness equipment over time, however cable attachments are typically left out of the equation. It’s not very often you see advancements in these, but with this handle, you do just that.


This is also a great investment piece for any gym owner because it’s far more cost-effective than a larger piece of fitness equipment and will be used by just about everyone.  So it’s an easy way to get maximum value for your money. If you want to introduce a new piece of training equipment into your gym, give the TGrip Flat Triceps Handle some consideration. Women will especially love it because they’ll really feel it targeting their underarms where they typically store their excess fat. Overall gym members won’t be disappointed either as the strength and gains they receive from using it will be unparalleled to any other simple piece of tricep training equipment.


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